Hello there!

I am a photographer, explorer, adventurer, and story-teller born and raised in Monte-Carlo, Monaco. Since then, I’ve also been fortunate enough to live in Germany and the United States!

I’ve traveled to Spanish beaches, roamed around Italian cities, walked on the coast of Southern France, hiked up Austrian mountains, skied down Swiss Alps, tasted "trdlo" from the Czech Republic, witnessed the chaos of the Grand Bazaar in Turkey, watched the most amazing sunsets in Sweden, had my eyes opened in Tanzania... But it doesn't stop there.

I am determined to see what the world is really made of, capturing each significant moment through the one eye of my camera. My vision consists of inspiring others to get outside and explore this beautiful planet, befriending one another and making memories in the process.

I strive to immortalize life's special moments, the places around us, and the people in them through my photography and videography.

I also absolutely love meeting new people; contact me and let’s get coffee!

- Marstrand, Sweden

- 10:48PM, June 23rd, 2019